Tobias Reichert

The heart of design is to improve life for end-users people. Which means:

Welcoming all.
Discovering needs.
Iterating with purpose.

Columbus, Kansas City, Houston

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Tobias smiling, with his partner on top of his shoulders.
Product UX Designer -  Current
Creation and rollout of the DaVinci Design System.
Preparation to redesign the smg360 Mobile App.
Evolution of Platform through Design Sprints.
Promotion of collaborative team Innovation.
Consultation and advocacy for Accessibility.
Case study coming soon...

Associate UX Designer
Strategized global SaaS platform Future-states.
Designed a core self-service Feedback Platform.
Facilitated data-driven Research & Documentation.
Designer & Inventor
Patented a racquet to lower the cost of tennis
while improving performance & inclusivity.
Industrial Design Intern
Spearheaded a product to enter a $27b market.
Product Design Intern
Implemented methods to save on prototypes.
BSD - Industrial Design